general dentistry Houston, TX

General Dentistry

Helping our patients maintain a healthy mouth and smile is the main goal of general dentistry. We prefer to provide more minor, preventive care than to see patients suffer with more intensive treatments from a problem that was not managed in time. We want to ensure that your oral health is in its optimal state and positively contributing to the health of your entire body. We are here to brighten your smile and pave the way for a brighter life.

Cleanings And Exams Houston, TX

Cleanings And Exams

Having a dental practice perform a checkup and regular cleaning gives a preventive approach to dental care. These general dentistry treatments help prevent problems with your teeth, gums and jaw bones, or they catch and manage problems before they worsen. During your visit, our doctors will take a picture of the current standing of your dental health and what would be needed to keep your oral hygiene in its best state.

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Teeth Whitening Houston, TX

Teeth Whitening

Yellow, discolored teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. At Maple Leaf Dental in Houston, Texas, Lisa Giovanetti, DDS, MS, helps you achieve a whiter smile. She offers a variety of teeth whitening treatments, including in-office Boost™ whitening. In-office whitening provides dramatic results in less than an hour. If you’re considering teeth whitening, let Dr. Giovanetti deliver expert care. New patients are eligible for a $150 tooth whitening special. To learn more about this offer, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

How can I brighten my smile?
As you age, you may develop yellow or discolored teeth. Some health problems or medications can also change the color of your teeth. The foods and drinks you consume can play a role, too.

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, professional whitening can help. Unlike over-the-counter products, professional treatments can deliver dramatic results. Maple Leaf Dental provides several options for professional teeth whitening. Dr. Giovanetti helps you choose the one that’s right for you.

What forms of teeth whitening are available?
Maple Leaf Dental offers in-office procedures, including laser teeth whitening. Laser procedures use a powerful whitening gel. During the procedure, Dr. Giovanetti activates this gel using a special light.

Boost whitening is another option. This in-office treatment doesn’t use lights or lasers. Instead, the whitening gel is chemically activated, working within your mouth to brighten your smile.

Dr. Giovanetti also provides take-home whitening trays. These easy-to-use trays fit easily into a busy schedule. Whitening trays use a gel that bleaches your teeth gradually when used over several weeks. Take-home trays also help you preserve your results after an in-office procedure.

What happens during in-office whitening?
Before your treatment begins, Dr. Giovanetti examines your mouth. She determines whether in-office whitening is right for you, and explains what kind of results you can expect.

When you’re ready to begin, Dr. Giovanetti protects your lips and gums from the whitening gel. Next, she applies the gel and activates it. In-office procedures generally take about 30 minutes, but if you have deep stains, your treatment may take a bit longer.

Results appear right away. Most patients notice that their teeth look dramatically whiter after a single treatment.

How do take-home trays work?
Each set of trays is custom-made to fit over your teeth. Dr. Giovanetti provides a professional-quality whitening gel, which you place inside the trays. Take-home trays are generally worn for about 20 minutes a day.

Dr. Giovanetti may recommend wearing your trays for 1-2 weeks. Take-home trays work gradually, so you may not see full results until your treatment schedule is complete.

New stains can develop over time. To preserve your results, Dr. Giovanetti may also suggest using your trays for occasional touch-ups. Your trays allow you to perform touch-ups in the privacy of your own home.

If you are ready to learn more about whitening your teeth, Maple Leaf Dental offers a $150 tooth whitening special for new patients. Call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

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Fillings Houston, TX


Composite fillings act as a dentistry solution for problems such as tooth decay or cracks. A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. This procedure is also utilized for cosmetic improvements of the smile by fixing any discoloration or reshaping any disfigured teeth.

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Emergency Care Houston, TX

Emergency Care

During a dental emergency, you need on-the-spot care. At Maple Leaf Dental in Houston, Texas, Lisa Giovanetti, DDS, MS, offers same-day appointments. She treats many urgent dental problems, including oral pain and knocked-out teeth. Dr. Giovanetti has the expertise you need to resolve your dental concerns. Maple Leaf Dental also offers cosmetic procedures and full mouth reconstruction. To learn more about available services, call the office, or schedule an appointment online today.

What is emergency dentistry?
You already know that routine exams and cleanings are essential for oral health, but sometimes, dental problems can occur without warning. If you develop a tooth problem, don’t wait until your next scheduled appointment. Instead, seek emergency dental care.

At Maple Leaf Dental, Dr. Giovanetti resolves a wide range of urgent dental concerns. Her practice treats tooth pain, gum bleeding, knocked-out teeth, and more.

What should I do during a dental emergency?
If you’re involved in a serious accident like a car crash, seek medical care right away. You may have underlying injuries that need a doctor’s care. Dr. Giovanetti can provide follow-up dental care once you leave the hospital.

Some dental emergencies can’t wait until regular business hours. If you have severe symptoms, and Maple Leaf Dental is closed, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

If a problem occurs during regular business hours, the Maple Leaf Dental team can assess your situation. If you’re not sure whether you need immediate care, call the office for advice. The reception staff can help you arrange a same-day appointment for a full evaluation.

What happens during an emergency dental visit?
During an emergency visit, Dr. Giovanetti examines your teeth and gums. She may also perform X-rays or other tests. Dr. Giovanetti uses your test results to determine what kind of care you need.

Maple Leaf Dental provides on-to-spot care for:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Abscesses and infections
  • Gum bleeding
  • Damaged crowns
  • Lost fillings

Each emergency dental plan is unique. Your treatment plan depends on the nature of your dental emergency.

If you have a broken tooth, Dr. Giovanetti can seal or repair it. She also replaces fillings and crowns. Maple Leaf Dental can fix damaged appliances like dentures, too.

In some cases, you may need a tooth extraction. During an extraction, Dr. Giovanetti provides gentle care. After your extraction, Dr. Giovanetti schedules follow-up appointments.

What follow-up care will I receive?
The Maple Leaf Dental team delivers ongoing care after your dental emergency. Dr. Giovanetti may recommend several follow-up appointments to monitor your progress. During each, Dr. Giovanetti checks your progress to make sure you’re healing well. You also have the chance to discuss your options for further treatments.

If your emergency resulted in tooth loss, Dr. Giovanetti can provide implants, bridges, and dentures. These options help restore your smile. She also provides full mouth reconstructions for patients with complex dental needs.

Let Dr. Giovanetti help you resolve your urgent dental concerns. Call the office or schedule an appointment online right away.

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Oral Cancer Screenings Houston, TX

Oral Cancer Screenings

Nobody wants to hear that they may have oral cancer. Although it can be fatal, it is easier to treat the earlier it is caught. For this reason, we are proud to assist our patients with an oral cancer screening. We want to help our patients survive this often fatal disease.

Oral cancer will typically show up as white or red patches or lesions inside of your mouth. You may even notice the lesions on your tongue or on the floor of your mouth. Many people experience a hard time swallowing, bleeding in the mouth, or even swelling in your face or neck.

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Sealants Houston, TX


When we apply a dental sealant, we paint a plastic coating on top of your teeth. This makes your teeth smooth getting rid of the rough edges, depressions, and grooves that are commonly found on teeth. It is essentially a protective coating against tooth decay and cavities.

The most common place to paint sealants is on back teeth since they are often irregular. They can also be very hard to reach, even if you brush your teeth regularly. We use it more on children though we do perform sealants on adults too!

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Family Dentistry

A family dentist provides care for patients of all ages. At Maple Leaf Dental in Houston, Texas, Lisa Giovanetti, DDS, MS, offers top-quality services for children and adults. At her practice, Dr. Giovanetti performs routine tooth cleanings, exams, and X-rays. She also delivers cosmetic treatments, including Invisalign® and teeth whitening. For patients with complex dental concerns, Dr. Giovanetti offers full-mouth reconstructions. To learn more about available services, call the office, or schedule an appointment online today.

What is family dentistry?
Each member of your family needs comprehensive dental care. Maple Leaf Dental is proud to offer dental services for patients of all ages. No matter what your family’s dental needs, Dr. Giovanetti and her team can help. They provide in-depth preventive care and routine check-ups, and also offer a range of cosmetic treatments.

How often should my family see the dentist?
Healthy children and adults should receive a check-up every six months, but if you have health concerns, you may need more frequent check-ups. Dr. Giovanetti can help each member of your family develop a personalized care plan.

If you develop a dental problem between visits, don’t wait until your next appointment. Call the office right away for an evaluation. Maple Leaf Dental offers same-day appointments for patients with dental emergencies.

What happens during a dentist visit?
During a routine check-up, Dr. Giovanetti examines your teeth and gums. She may also take X-rays to screen for tooth decay or problems below the gumline. Next, Dr. Giovanetti checks each tooth thoroughly for cavities. She also performs an in-depth gum examination to look for signs of gingivitis.

Maple Leaf Dental offers comprehensive cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. Professional cleanings help you avoid cavities and gum disease. As part of your preventive care plan, Dr. Giovanetti can also seal your molars. This treatment reduces your risk of future cavities.

If you’re at risk for oral cancer, Maple Leaf Dental performs a cancer screening. Oral cancer often goes undetected in its early stages, but when it’s detected early, oral cancer can be curable. Dr. Giovanetti helps patients receive a prompt and accurate diagnosis.

What happens if my dentist finds a problem?
If you have a dental problem, Dr. Giovanetti reviews your treatment options. Some dental problems, like cavities, can be fixed right away. However, if you have a complex dental concern, you may need to return to the office for several procedures.

No matter what your needs, Dr. Giovanetti delivers exceptional care. If you have severely damaged teeth, she provides full-mouth restoration to rebuild your smile. Maple Leaf Dental also offers in-house implant surgery. Patients who opt for implants receive treatment in one convenient location.

The practice offers a full range of cosmetic procedures. If you’re not happy with your smile, Dr. Giovanetti can help. Cosmetic dentistry can fix crooked, discolored, or chipped teeth. Dr. Giovanetti helps you explore your options for cosmetic procedures during a free consultation.

If you are looking for a new family dentist, call Maple Leaf Dental or schedule an appointment online today.

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